Stavební činnost

Our range of construction activities has significantly expanded since the foundation of our Company. At the beginning, we focused on reconstructions and repairs of buildings, including family houses. After gaining experience and with the growing number of qualified employees, we started to get engaged in bigger projects. 

Buildings of civic amenities, office buildings, constructions and reconstructions of production plants and reconstructions of health facilities have gradually become our domain. Thanks to the reference, we have become known by the general public, both by laymen and professionals.


At present, we can perform other construction works that we would not be able to do without the experience and qualified professionals. Below is the complete listing of areas and natures of constructions that we are able to perform according to the requirements of the contracting authority (investor): 


Consultancy in civil engineering and architecture

This activity authorises us to the management and control in structural engineering. At present, there are 17 qualified employees in our Company authorised to do the necessary actions both in the provision of constructions and designing. The authorisation is issued by the "Czech Chamber of Certified Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction".