Project Work

We offer our clients comprehensive services - from processing investment plans and architectural studies, to each level of project documentation including ensuring the legislative framework of constructions through engineering activities, to designs and projects of interiors, to author and technical supervision during construction realisation.

Furthermore, we offer consultation services in the fields of building construction, structural research, reviews of building structures, and reviews of building structures in terms of construction physics. Presently, the studio has eight designers that ensure the following documentation for structures:

  • architecture, interiors, designs
  • documentation on construction
  • statics of building structures
  • sanitary technologies - sewer system, water pipes
  • outdoor and indoor electrical wiring
  • measurements and regulations
  • large kitchen facility designs
  • roads and paved surfaces
  • radon protection

Other sections of project documentation (fire safety of buildings, technological devices, sanitary technologies - gas pipes, heating, cooling, air conditioning, low-voltage current wiring, park layouts, reports on assessments and budgets, etc.) are ensured through our long-term partnership with a stable team of experienced collaborating companies and individuals.

PFor every commission, a special project team is made up of our internal employees and of our collaborators, which is managed by the chief engineer of the project authorised in the field of building construction, who is able to ensure complex project and engineer work of any extent.

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