Presentation of the construction company "Baustav a.s."

Our Company is an important construction company in the Karlovy Vary Region. Its main activity includes both construction of new buildings and extensive reconstruction works. In the market, the Company focuses on constructions and reconstructions of apartment houses, health facilities, especially hospitals, office buildings and premises, hotels, spa facilities, community buildings and last but not least, family houses. For these activities the Company prefers original solutions, maximum economic efficiency of the work, necessary technological equipment, using environment-friendly technologies everywhere.

Portfolio of services of Baustav a.s.
  • Construction works
  • Designing
  • Tool making and locksmithery
  • Road motor freight transport

BAUSTAV a.s. is a recipient of the grant "Entrepreneurship and Innovation - ICT in Companies – Call III" from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project 2.2 ITP03/223 "Comprehensive IT Modernisation of BAU-STAV a.s."

BAU-STAV a.s. is a recipient of grants from the European Social Fund as part of the operational programme "Human Resources and Employment", "Educate to Growth!" project.
Project number: CZ.1.04/1.1.00/71.00002