Employees are the source of biggest wealth of any company. The Company seeks intelligent, hard-working and active persons who provide qualitative growth of the Company with their characteristics (cooperativeness and respect, loyalty, willingness to work hard, flexibility). It is the employees who are a guarantee of maintaining or further improving of the set quality level.

KariéraAmong other things, employees are motivated by the continuous care of the Company in the increase of their qualifications, creation of working environment and providing of social security. Education is provided to a sufficient extent in our Company. Educational events are provided when specific needs arise. Information on new trends in civil engineering is supplemented.

120 non-contingent workers are currently employed in our Company, of which 44 are in technical positions and 76 in worker positions. We have established a close cooperation with technical schools in the Karlovy Vary Region. Students of these schools are provided with specialised practical experience.